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Joy for Our Youth creating Joy for kids with our coat giveaway

Joy for Our Youth is a charity geared toward helping children. This holiday season Joy for Our Youth is creating joy for kids by giving away thousands of winter articles for children and adults. So far this winter has been fairly benign but we now starting to feel the cold. We at Joy for Our Youth wanted to make sure that all kids have a warm and comfortable coat this winter.

Having a warm coat for the winter is a necessity, when a child is cold his mind cannot concentrate on anything else, his learning suffers, his grades go down, and his  self-esteem can plummet. Joy for Our Youth endeavored to find a solution for this. While there are many commendable coat drives out there allot of them collect used coats and distributes them to the needy. Joy for our youth wanted to do a little more by purchasing brand new, first quality coats that a child can be proud of when he goes to school. We looked around quite a bit till we found coats that met our exacting standards. We can proudly say that the children we are benefiting are getting the very best coats, they look great and feel great!

The feedback we get from our beneficiaries is an eye opener into the poverty that exists in this country “My child wore his coat all winter long even indoors because we don’t have enough to pay for heat.” and ” This is the first new coat my child has ever gotten, he was so excited to show it off to his friends.” When we hear these comments and comments like “keep up your amazing charitable works” We know we are contributing in a very important way to society.

Joy for Our Youth is giving away thousands of winter coats and accessories on Tuesday, December 20. At 11am at the JFK Recreation Center, 211 Kinney St. So come get your coat and spread the word, we hope to see you there!

If you have any other suggestions as to what we can give back to the community please leave your comments on the blog.

Joy For Our Youth Gearing Up For The Holidays

We at Joy for our youth are working overtime this holiday season to ensure that the children we assist don’t feel that they are lacking. The holiday season can be a pretty stressful time for underprivileged kids. When their friends come to school and show off the new toys and gifts they received from family and friends, these children, have nothing to show or brag about  and it can really affect a childs’ self image.  We At Joy for our youth are filling that void by providing these children with all the amenities that a regular child would get. It may mean a new toy or it may mean a new coat. Whatever it is, these children can count on us.